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Preface - Utopia Revisited 2050

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

If we as a human race are defined by only our imagination, then in this our maiden work, we imagined a future where technology has helped create a peaceful society. The original Thomas More version of Utopia re-imagined social, political and religious norms of the 16th century. Utopia Revisited-2050 is its redux version, imagining a future where technology and some old-fashioned good sense have helped overcome our troubles.

Our world is not one filled with doom and gloom; there are no dark and murderous machines, and our cities are not smoldering piles of rubble. Instead, our version is green and amiable and is an ode to all good things in us.

Lastly, needless to say, this story is not based on true incidents or meant as a statement of any kind. It’s just a story of what could be a brave new world.

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